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Yizhi was founded in Suzhou, China in 2009. Over the years, yizhi has been committed to the R & D and sales of intelligent factory management system. The sales mainly include smart factory intelligent factory management system, MDC machine tool monitoring system, DNC wireless network transmission system, DNC barcode scanning download program, online automatic tool repair, tool life management system, real-time monitoring of machine tools, OEE statistics, secondary development of CAD, and conversion of pictures into CAD format, About 20 products including Siemens 828cnc machine tool data acquisition, Mitsubishi M64 M70 M80 monitoring acquisition, Haas machine tool monitoring acquisition, brother machine tool real-time monitoring, digital chemical plant, equipment OEE statistics, DNC wireless networking, intelligent tool cabinet, etc. In order to make more users become brand preachers of shiyizhi, an important strategy of the company is to sell dreams rather than products.... more

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